Established 2011. There was a time for me when trending was popular, my mentality was when I saw it and if I felt it twice, I had to have it. I felt I was ahead of my time. My mom’s outlook was “look good, feel good.” While most people live the lifestyle, I was trending. I’m someone who needs attention and quite the opposite. I relate to creativity and owning styles. And Happy I’m able to live a great life from separation of family to being fortunate to having one of my own.

“Decisions are made during a beautiful struggle”. If I would have told you my life was ruined you’d laugh at me, to know me you’d see something humble, something about my thoughts and vision keeps time within boundary. It’s finding the best moments to share highlights, improvements, disappointment, and motivation. I never say goodbye. I like to be different from what seems simple to me, I don’t agree with a lot of talk, I keep short, discreet, and move positively with my decisions.

I’m very generous to build a relationship with good men, my team is irreplaceable. From 2011 we grew from nothing, everything seems simple until building of ideas doesn’t live to reality.

My baby was here. I lived from the top of the hills to my mother in law’s home; I didn’t know my surroundings, everything was new. Easy decision: I couldn’t live without my baby. So I started walking down the street in my best attire with a resume in hand, at every warehouse, I was overqualified. I was blessed with a wonderful struggle, a story everyone didn’t know exists but can’t wait to determine the end. Look at me in the summer of Sacramento, California, not many people are impressed when it’s time to go. I mean take anything there was to offer.

I worked at a tile company, so fortunate to work but look how my life changed. Not one shoe in my closet was ready for the dust created on my attire but in my thought, what’s a pair of 5s’, what’s a pair of 10s’, what’s a pair 14s’, my daughter can’t tell me. Reality: I got fired for knowing my rights, but the same day fired was another day hired. What I mean is, I just picked up a slab from the tile shop and on my first pick up I didn’t ratchet my strap correctly. Well guess I learned from this mistake, cross reference to what I don’t know because everything deserves detail.

Same day I was hired as a night lead for a distribution center, I got to work with men older than me. I have management experience but I never had to walk into something new. First night was the most unexpected feeling of not knowing something. I mean there’s a company who didn’t care for the type of management when needing training, I was left for survival. I did it, much strength given, new life, new job, and new school. Red bull was who I spent my money with.

I departed from that; now I have been given a great career choice, something off the grid. Now in my interview process I wasn’t able to see my own potential but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t change. I started working as always more efficiently than expected so I’m able to sway others to be comfortable. When my kindness is taken advantage of, I can forgive so change was made and this next experience changed my physical condition. Very trembling for anyone, imagine being slanted on a pitched roof working in high risk work conditions in the world’s climate changes. Seriously, I could have been a meteorologist, the up to date weather alert.

But what I desired in working within a group atmosphere took away from planning my household. Money is the objection but house is the foundation without house there wasn’t a team. My team became all about me, all reflection of what I felt was right. I built my wall from my team and paid the price for it. But hey what was taken away opened me to what reality is all about. I managed and budgeted, I was able to reach out for help, to listen to the wise and was open to another opportunity. It’s an opportunity I felt along the passage ahead of me, the experience I lived really keeps me content, to stay up, fall asleep and wake up excited.

Nothing has kept me from my dream but time I know I’ll never get back so my story is truly to reflect my reality and encourage others to stay humble. Learn all around you, never miss a beat and when you do remember it was for your reason.

Listen to you before making the mistake of wanting to live another’s life, we all can tell each other how to do it and feel some way about it but it’s not for us to figure it out, it’s to reflect when it’s your turn and you’ll then have the best laughs with yourself.

It’s the voice you’ve heard before telling you how to decide your beautiful struggle. My beautiful struggle is not being able to marry the woman of my children. The world has found its way to separate all we have, my timing has never felt so perfect. The changes from day to day show me the wrong we’ve done and the right with an excuse. The excuse is always important because of the commitment we have to one’s self. One day I hope to live for myself and be able to give my family and those attached around me. I’m more than capable of starting something and finding something believable.

My journey is believable. The highlight I’ve grown makes me happy to live. My success will be when I’m able to ask my wife to rest, think, build, and create her desires and look up to me for my opinion. Deep thought to myself I live for all and all for none. I find myself centered and my basic routines, I find myself controlling my daily look and habits. To be disciplined to grow into something else and communicate all progression because nothing ends a better day knowing your team is the best and that’s all I know.